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NDWG Cadet Competition


North Dakota Wing Cadet Competition 2024 Competitor and Staff Information 

*NEW* Dates for Competition March 8 - March 10, 2024 

January 22, 2024 

1. Get Ready for NDWG Cadet Competition 2024! This page outlines some of the key details for the 2024 NDWG Cadet Competition; Squadron CCs & DCCs share this information with your teams. 

2. Leadership. Our NDWG Cadet Competition Director is 1st Lt Pamela K. Leath, CAP. Senior members and cadets are needed to serve as marshals, judges and staff support. To volunteer for staff, please contact us at

3. Logistics. 

     a.  Schedule Overview: 

Fri 08 Mar 

 Sat 09 Mar 

 Sun 10 Mar 

Travel, Welcome, Written Test 

 Competitive events 

 Awards, Clean-up, Travel 


     b. Location(s): 119th Wing, Fargo ANGB, Fargo, ND 58102. 

                Fargo Readiness Center, Fargo, ND 58102 

     c.  Unit Participation: Each Squadron is invited to send up to two teams of six cadets and two escorts, each.  

     d. Team Registration: Due 20 February 2024 

     e.  Staff Application: Due 20 February 2024

     f.   Uniform of the Day: Cadets will be in the “blues” uniform during the majority of the activity. “Blues” means short-sleeved, open collar, otherwise known as Class B as described in CAPR 39-1 para 1.2.2. ABUs are not needed. However, ensure you have appropriate athletic gear as indicated below in para 7.b. Escorts and CAP spectators are requested to wear “blues,” “aviator” or “polo” combinations. Flight suites are NOT authorized at this activity.  

     g.  Cadet Staff should bring “blues," PT, or ABUs. Senior Staff are requested to wear “blues,” “aviator” or “polo” combinations based on duty assignment. 

     h.  Casual wear permitted after hours. 

4. Travel to 119th Wing, Fargo ANGB. 

     Arrival & Departure Information. 

     Driving: Staff will arrive on 08 March, NLT 1600. Teams arrive on 08 March, NTL 1800. Departure for general staff and teams is 14 January, at noon.  

     Travel Itinerary: Please provide the competition staff with your ETD and ETA for travel to and from NDWG Cadet Competition. 

5. Lodging, Meals & Ground Transportation at 119th Wing. 

     a. Ground Transportation. Teams will transport themselves to and from the competition site. No spectator transportation will be provided. 

     b. Lodging. Teams (2 escorts and 6 cadets) & Staff will be lodged at the 119th RTS at no charge.  

     Spectators, families, mentors, and visitors will need to make hotel arrangements on their own. Homewood Suites by Hilton Fargo, Days Inn & Suites by Wyndam Fargo, & Candlewood Suites Fargo-NDSU are an easy 5-10-minute drive to the 119th Wing/Fargo Readiness Center and several restaurants are within walking distance. 

     c. Meals. Teams will eat at the 119th Wing dining facility. Teams will be provided Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. Spectators will need to make their own arrangements. Dinner will not be provided; teams and escorts, plan accordingly. 

6.  Events 

     a.  Indoor Posting of Colors – 4 cadet team 

     b.  Outdoor Posting of Colors – 3 (then 4) cadet team 

     c.  Standard Drill – 4 cadet team 

     d. Standard Element Drill – 6 cadet team 

     e.  Written Exam – 6 cadet team 

     f.   Cadet Physical Fitness Test - Athletic Equipment. (per CAPP 60-50 with modifications outlined in CAPP 60-75) – 6 cadet team 

     g.  Uniform Inspection – (2) 2 cadet team 

     h.  Impromptu Speech – 1 cadet team 

     i.   Team Leadership Project - 6 cadet team 

     j.   Pre-Competition Service Project, with oral defense – 2 cadet team 

7.  Miscellaneous Operational Matters 

     a.  Color Guard Equipment. For the teams’ travel convenience, NDWG Cadet Competition will provide flags, poles, flag stands, drill rifles, web belts, and flag carriers.  

     b.  Athletic Equipment. Teams must provide their own athletic apparel. Only running shoes/sneakers may be worn during physical fitness events (no boots).  

     c.  CPFT Medical Limitations. Cadets who have medical limitations affecting the CPFT must submit/upload their Waiver Request using CAPP 60-50, Attachment 2, via email to Reference: Draft CAPP 60-75, 2-7, c3. 

8.  Required Forms 

     Below is a list of required forms to be sent to the NDWG/DCP prior to the start of the competition (please bring hard copies with you). 

     1.  CAPF 60-81 

     2.  CAPF 160 

     3.  CAPF 161 

     4.  CAPF 163 

     5. 119th Background Memo (due 27 February). 

     6. Medical Waiver (if applicable) using CAPP 60-50 (formerly CAPP 52-18), Attachment 2.  (due 27 February)

     7.  All members not holding a Department of Defense Identification Card by 27 February for entry onto Fargo ANGB will need to complete and submit a background check request form (Upper right).





Director, NDWG Cadet Competition 

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